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Trying to legislate obesity? Really?

31 May

I just read New York City is trying to ban large sugary drinks.  They are proposing that any establishment that receives a letter grade from the Health Dept. will not be able to serve any sugary beverage larger than 16 oz.  The reason is obesity is a major problem and according to Dr. Tom Farley, of the NY Health Dept., sugary drinks are a “major contributor” to the obesity rates.  How can you even dream this kind of law up?  Do you really think you can regulate obesity through the legislature?

First all I am considered obese.  I have lost a lot weight, but I am still obese.  I struggle to continue to lose weight.  I would love to have a magic pill that would melt away the excess pounds.  That magic pill is not realistic and neither is banning large sugary drinks.  Did anyone in the Health Dept. read in American History about the time they banned alcohol?  How well did that work out?  Oh, how about our 30 year plus “War on Drugs.”  It certainly didn’t stop that problem did it.

Get real!  There is no way this ban is going to do anything except make a lot of lawyers rich.  People are still going to get their MEGA LARGE sugar drink somewhere.  Restaurants are going to lose out on revenue.  Well maybe not.  Instead of ordering the 32 oz. drink, I will order two16oz. drinks.  Whew, that gets me what I want and skirts the law at the same time.

Gee, do I really need to go about this.  New York leaders, let your people decide to go large or not!  If you ban large soda’s you are definitely treading on the Declaration of Independence’s guarantee of the pursuit of Happiness.


Hello world!

30 May

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