Is Social Media a form of Mob Rule?

4 Jun

According to the Constitution, a person is innocent until proven guilty.  I challenge that is no longer the case due to social media.  In this age of instant communication, the mob mentality and rule has arisen once again.  People are instantaneously tried, convicted, and punished in this digital age.

Several high profile cases have happened recently where social media has played a huge role in.  Trayvon Martin and Casey Anthony are good examples of this type of mob rule.  In all these cases, information, verified or not verified, is transmitted around the world in seconds.  How can anyone get a fair trial if the jury pool has been tainted with all this information?

As in the Martin and Anthony case, large groups of people gathered and demanded justice.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t wait until an investigation could be done.  So authorities rushed trying to satisfy the crowds and errors were made.  The crowds then rally saying authorities are trying to cover up something.  The reason we have the justice system is so justice can be served.  The accused has a right to a speedy trial, not the mob who is anger about the crime.

Should people keep an eye on authorities and make sure they are doing their jobs?  Yes, but not infringe on the Right of the accused to get a fair trial.


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