140 characters to elect a President?

9 Jun

I am worried no one will read this because it is over 140 characters, contains no video, or an audio clip.  It seems that the attention spans, that started shrinking in the 80’s courtesy of MTV and music videos, have shrunk to 140 characters.  Can an informative and well thought out decision actually be made by reading your Twitter feed?   Can a Presidential platform be conveyed in a Tweet?  Doubtful, however the candidates seem to want to just that.

First of all, I love Twitter.  I use it constantly to keep update to on what is happening around the world.  If I see a tweet and it is something of interest I follow up with more reading so I can get the whole story.  I have found not everyone does that.  I see and hear so many debates that people have who reference the data in a tweet.  Last week Obama and Rommey both announced they were formatting their platforms to be more easily understood via text and Twitter.  Is that what the dumbing down of the United States has come to?

I wonder what the new budget will look like in 140 characters.  It looks like the great speeches of Roosevelt, Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan are indeed ancient history.


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