Being an Entrepreneur means managing yourself

6 Jul

When people ask what I do and I reply, “an Entrepreneur,” they invariably reply with “must be nice to be your own boss.”  It is true.  It is great to be my own boss.  It is also the worst thing because I have to manage myself to get everything done.  I constantly have to prioritize my tasks to make sure things moving along so I can get paid.

I am sure my daily schedule of tasks is not very different from yours.  There is a wide variety of personal, business, and family tasks that must be done each day to keep things on track.   A lot of people use fancy electronic planner systems or complicated (to me) Name Brand Planner systems.  I just use a blank one month per page calendar printed from MS Word and two note pads (one paper and one on my smartphone).

  1. The month calendar gets meetings, bill due dates, family appointments, etc. put on it as a reminder of what is up coming.
  2. Each evening I take the paper note pad and make a list of everything I need to accomplish the next day.  I refer to my monthly calendar to see if I need to be working on a project or have meetings or appointments.
  3. I use the note pad on my smartphone to jot down notes on the go.  I then transfer them to my paper list.  This way I only have to keep one calendar and one to do list updated each day.

This simple and easy system allows me to plan and concentrate on the most important tasks and keeps the lesser ones from falling through the cracks.

In all the years I have used this system, I have never had an assignment sneak up on me.  I may have procrastinated in doing the assignment, but I knew it was coming.  The bonus is I don’t have to remember to sync any device to another one and if I misplace my smartphone I have not lost everything.

This is the same system I learned in college 23 years ago.  As the story goes, if it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.  I used to carry a spiral note pad in my shirt pocket (yes, I was/am a nerd), but have modernized some using the smartphone, albeit only in the last year.

I encourage you to comment on this.  I am always looking for a better system; I just haven’t found it yet.

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