A short bio:

I grew up on a farm in rural Ohio.  My parents made sure I had a well-rounded education.  I learned how to take care of animals and machinery, went to the library, attended plays at the local college, attended plays and concerts in the big city, traveled to different states to see and learn about others.

During high school I was involved in church, 4-H, FFA, AV Club, Quick Recall team, and Foreign Language Society.  I took college prep classes plus vocational agriculture, shop classes, business typing and home economics (cooking, cleaning, and sewing).

I started college right after high school.  After a year, I realized I wanted to work in the “real world.”  I thought I would finish college after a working for a while.  Twenty three years past before I started back to college, I am now working on my associate degree and will be transferring to a state university to complete my accounting degree.

My work history is as well rounded as my education.  I have been involved with amusement parks, food service, insurance, collections, newspaper delivery, retail sales, and locksmith/security.  Most recently I have had the great honor of being a caregiver/household manager to my father and mother.

The positions and work I have done have given me a special talent to see both sides of the story.  Also to realize that both sides of the story branch off into other stories that leads to very different places.

I believe things are rarely black and white.  Each person is unique.  Each situation is unique.  Five second sound bites or two lines from the Bible do not remedy a situation.  Quick fixes are not always the best answer.  You need to look at the Big Picture to understand the situation.  In all situations, I strive to see the Big Picture.  Life is not compartmentalized.  Work, Spiritual, Family, Friends, and Relationships all blend into the Big Picture.  This ability to see the Big Picture is what makes me unique.

Please be sure to check out my website at www.fields685.com


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