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Is Employee Management via Text Okay?

19 Jul

I consider myself a tech geek.  I don’t have to have every new gadget, but I believe I’m near the cutting edge.  I use new ideas in tech all the time; however I have started to see a trend that bothers me, managing employees via text.   Have we reached a point where (to me) an impersonal text is accepted way to manage employees?

I have been around long enough to see two-way radios, beepers, alpha-numeric pagers, bag cell phones, cell phones, Push to talk cell phones, and email.  All these devices were tools to facilitate faster communications, saving time, and money. Even with all these improvements face to face conversations were still the norm for totally private (or secure) information.  I was told repeatedly to be a good manager you had to develop your communication or people skills.

Four workers in Britain were fired via text in March 2007.   “The message, which each of the four received had said, “Due to the lack of professionalism and poor overall performance of the Chester office, I have no option but to let u go,” It went on to say “Ur pay wil be calculated and paid on pay day. U are not required to go into the office. All belongings wil be sent to u.” (Duffy, Michelle.  I can’t even believe a manager could even think of sending a text like this.

I believe text may be okay for some things.  I just can’t think of any.  I am old fashioned in I want to at least hear a voice when I am asking for something to be done.  Let me know what you think.  Please post your comments below, on Twitter, or email.


I get it!! I am not into SEO!

19 Jun

To the 64 automated responses to my blog

Thank you for noticing my blog is not SEO compliant.  Also thank you for proving to me ANYONE can set up an automated response program.  Thank you also for helping learn to better my spam filters so I never have to see your posts again.


P.S. Automated responses have a viable use.  Mass spam is not a proper use.


Does the Golden Rule apply to Business?

13 Jun

Growing up I heard time after time, “Remember the Golden Rule!”  Do unto others as you have done to you.  Does this saying really applicable to the business world?  Does it apply to customers and clients?  Does it apply to employees?  Does it apply to business partners?

I have experienced many situations where I as an employee certainly have not been treated that way.  I would have certainly been fired had I treated my managers as they treated me.  They certainly wouldn’t have tolerated it.  Why can they get away with it, but I couldn’t?

What about with customers/clients?  Is the banking industry practicing the “Golden Rule” when they keep adding fee after fee to their customer accounts?  Car repair shops?  Used car dealers?  Any business has to take a look at itself and ask “are we being fair to our customers?”

Where do business loyalties lay?   Is it to the customer/client?  Is it to the stockholder/owner?  What is best for the customer may not be the best for the stockholder.  Who does the business choose to please?

Some companies like L.L. Bean and Zappos go to great lengths to please the customer.  They are successful companies why doesn’t everyone emulate their model?  Could business survive if everyone followed their lead?  Or do we always need the “JR Ewing’s” to make business thrive.

I would love to your comments and ideas on this.