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Is Employee Management via Text Okay?

19 Jul

I consider myself a tech geek.  I don’t have to have every new gadget, but I believe I’m near the cutting edge.  I use new ideas in tech all the time; however I have started to see a trend that bothers me, managing employees via text.   Have we reached a point where (to me) an impersonal text is accepted way to manage employees?

I have been around long enough to see two-way radios, beepers, alpha-numeric pagers, bag cell phones, cell phones, Push to talk cell phones, and email.  All these devices were tools to facilitate faster communications, saving time, and money. Even with all these improvements face to face conversations were still the norm for totally private (or secure) information.  I was told repeatedly to be a good manager you had to develop your communication or people skills.

Four workers in Britain were fired via text in March 2007.   “The message, which each of the four received had said, “Due to the lack of professionalism and poor overall performance of the Chester office, I have no option but to let u go,” It went on to say “Ur pay wil be calculated and paid on pay day. U are not required to go into the office. All belongings wil be sent to u.” (Duffy, Michelle.  I can’t even believe a manager could even think of sending a text like this.

I believe text may be okay for some things.  I just can’t think of any.  I am old fashioned in I want to at least hear a voice when I am asking for something to be done.  Let me know what you think.  Please post your comments below, on Twitter, or email.


Who should be on Your Entrepreneurial Team?

9 Jul

Entrepreneurs believe they have to do everything themselves.  It is true in they need to oversee the entire project and make sure it is going the direction they want it to go.  However, you’re going to need people to help you take care of the areas of your business that you can’t.  Legal and Accounting are the first to come to mind.  Other areas that I include on my Entrepreneurial Team are:

  • Logo/Artwork
  • Website Administrator
  • Reality Check Network

Logo/Artwork is self-explanatory.  I am a slightly below poor artist, so I pay a professional to help me out.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive professional designer.  I have known Entrepreneurs’ who used someone from or an art student at a local college.  I have been lucky to have some good artist’s in my family and friends to help me out.

I run my own website through Dot-easy.  It is fairly simple to do, but I have a couple of real Website designers/operators in my network.  It is great to have someone to help me out when I get in over my head.  Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  I have done some writing for them in exchange for them helping me.

Reality Check Network is the most valuable team member I have.  This is a group of Entrepreneurs who have been successful with their own businesses.  I have connected with them through chance meetings, Chamber events, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter.  These people know what it takes to be successful.  I run ideas by them to see what they think.  Don’t do this step if you’re not ready for BRUTAL HONESTY.  They know what works and aren’t shy about saying so.  They provide a Reality Check to try to keep me from making a big mistake.

These are the members of my Entrepreneurial Team.  Who are the members of Your Team?  I would love to know your thoughts about who should be on the team.  Please leave your comments below, on Twitter, or e-mail.

I get it!! I am not into SEO!

19 Jun

To the 64 automated responses to my blog

Thank you for noticing my blog is not SEO compliant.  Also thank you for proving to me ANYONE can set up an automated response program.  Thank you also for helping learn to better my spam filters so I never have to see your posts again.


P.S. Automated responses have a viable use.  Mass spam is not a proper use.


140 characters to elect a President?

9 Jun

I am worried no one will read this because it is over 140 characters, contains no video, or an audio clip.  It seems that the attention spans, that started shrinking in the 80’s courtesy of MTV and music videos, have shrunk to 140 characters.  Can an informative and well thought out decision actually be made by reading your Twitter feed?   Can a Presidential platform be conveyed in a Tweet?  Doubtful, however the candidates seem to want to just that.

First of all, I love Twitter.  I use it constantly to keep update to on what is happening around the world.  If I see a tweet and it is something of interest I follow up with more reading so I can get the whole story.  I have found not everyone does that.  I see and hear so many debates that people have who reference the data in a tweet.  Last week Obama and Rommey both announced they were formatting their platforms to be more easily understood via text and Twitter.  Is that what the dumbing down of the United States has come to?

I wonder what the new budget will look like in 140 characters.  It looks like the great speeches of Roosevelt, Washington, Adams, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan are indeed ancient history.

Is Social Media a form of Mob Rule?

4 Jun

According to the Constitution, a person is innocent until proven guilty.  I challenge that is no longer the case due to social media.  In this age of instant communication, the mob mentality and rule has arisen once again.  People are instantaneously tried, convicted, and punished in this digital age.

Several high profile cases have happened recently where social media has played a huge role in.  Trayvon Martin and Casey Anthony are good examples of this type of mob rule.  In all these cases, information, verified or not verified, is transmitted around the world in seconds.  How can anyone get a fair trial if the jury pool has been tainted with all this information?

As in the Martin and Anthony case, large groups of people gathered and demanded justice.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t wait until an investigation could be done.  So authorities rushed trying to satisfy the crowds and errors were made.  The crowds then rally saying authorities are trying to cover up something.  The reason we have the justice system is so justice can be served.  The accused has a right to a speedy trial, not the mob who is anger about the crime.

Should people keep an eye on authorities and make sure they are doing their jobs?  Yes, but not infringe on the Right of the accused to get a fair trial.