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Elected Office Wanted- will commit crimes for votes

23 Jun

Interesting points. I do not agree with all of his points, but it does make one stop and think about the political process.


What would a weak politician do to remain in office?  If he were above the law, he would do whatever it took to get re-elected.

The politician would sue the states for enforcing immigration law, then suspend immigration enforcement effectively offering amnesty to illegal immigrants.

The politician would stop border enforcement so more illegals can come into the country, and at the same time oppose voter ID laws.

The politician would suspend drug interdiction at the border.  In the interior of the country, he would stop federal drug arrests and prosecutions to effectively decriminalize drugs.

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A Level Playing Surface

22 Jun

Candor News

Apple may have to finally begin sleeping with one eye open. The old champion, Microsoft, made a splash in the tablet market earlier this week. There answer to the iPad is what, from technical specs alone, appears to be a faster, smarter tablet called the surface.
Microsoft’s history with keeping up on the latest tech advances, like the Zune, tells us that we shouldn’t hold our breath. However, it seems like there is some room for excitement. Here are some reasons the Surface might be awesome.

– On the iPad typing is a hassle. The on screen keyboard doesn’t make typing anything more than an email easy. The Surface has a solution for that problem. With a built in key board, typing on the Surface should make much more sense. It also comes in a variety of unique colors.

– The Surface is also barely larger than the iPad. It…

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Are we wildly underestimating solar and wind power?

21 Jun

the Net economy

By Brad Plumer – Right now, renewable energy sources like solar and wind still provide just a small fraction of the world’s electricity. But they’re growing fast. Very fast. Three new pieces of evidence suggest that many policymakers may be drastically underestimating just how quickly wind and solar are expanding.

  • Solar is growing exponentially
  • Official agencies keep underestimating the growth rate of renewables
  • Using only current technology, renewables could technically provide the vast bulk of U.S. electricity by mid-century

And that’s where a new report from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory comes in.

NREL even provides a nifty animated map of where different power plants–from hydropower to photovoltaic solar panels to wind turbines to concentrated solar plants — would need to be built to make this a reality. more>

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The American Electorate is Bitter

19 Jun

The American Electorate is Bitter.

Big Brother Washington

7 Jun

Interesting yet scary read.

Candor News

Just when we thought the society we live in was one of the most progressive in the world, it looks as though even freedom of speech has limitations. In the age of technology any American can seemingly voice his or her opinions through any source of technology without the government’s jurisdiction. But here’s the kicker: The Utah Data Center, an estimated $1.5 billion dollar project created by the National Security Agency that can hold yottabytes (the largest unit of informational units) of information. The innocuous sounding name camouflages the reality of how this will affect our every move. The idea behind the UDC is to be an intelligence community that would monitor the internet and other technological devices for the principle of national security. In actuality, the UDC will store every private form of communication in our lives. This means more than just emails and phone calls; the UDC will…

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Hello world!

30 May

New post on May 31, 2012.  Check back then.